David Simon learns to watch what he says

David Simon

— “At some point I realized that some dynamic of pseudocelebrity had landed on me a couple of years ago after ‘The Wire’ had had its run and I realized that that parabolic arc of exalt, exalt, exalt — more than it deserved — and then teardown, teardown, teardown… That I was on that train.”

— “Now I’m wary. There are certain interviews I won’t do and there are certain things I won’t say… I’ve gotten myself in trouble saying some things I didn’t mean or in ways that I didn’t mean them. And I’ve gotten myself in trouble for not saying things at all that I somehow said in print.”

— “I don’t care how the product is delivered. I care about the numbers of journalists working as professionals in any given metro area and contributing to its news report. When that number starts to diminish, when the news reports start to die, that’s the important thing, not the delivery system.”

— “Until you establish a revenue stream and pay for [news], everything is sort of desperate and incremental. I don’t believe a thousand points of blogger light is going to pick up the slack for what is a job. It’s a profession.”

* David Simon on being the ‘angriest man in television” (capitalnewyork.com)
* I enjoyed Simon’s Sept. 6 chat with Craig Ferguson; it starts at 27:35 (youtube.com)