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Some highlights from a memo that Orange County Register publisher Aaron Kushner sent to his staff on Wednesday:

* In the first full month of new ownership, the Register had a 3.4% increase in daily home delivery and 3.9% Sunday increase over the previous year.
* The paper now has 46 new editorial positions approved, up from 23 four weeks ago.
* The Register has added 26 year-long internship slots “for the best college journalism graduates from around the country.”
* Opinion pages have expanded to three full pages daily.

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(Graphic: William Castronuovo)

From WILLIAM CASTRONUOVO: They say you only have one chance to make a first impression.

When I held the first redesigned issue of USA TODAY last Friday it was clear the “Blue Dot” branded with credibility the 30-year-old newspaper. I fell in love with it at first glance.

In a second or less you know it’s USA TODAY. There’s no need for the eyes to look for a staid title or nameplate — see the Blue Dot, grab and buy. In places where there’s so much visual activity such as an airport, newsstand on a busy city street, or a rack that’s jammed with newspapers wanting attention — or in the stillness where a copy rests quietly on the floor in front of your hotel room door — it’s unmistakeable and you know in a blink it’s USA TODAY.

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