Johnson & Johnson tries to bar reporter from jury selection

With jury selection under way in a case involving Johnson & Johnson, Philadelphia Inquirer reporter David Sell walked into the courtroom and sat down a row or two away from about 40 prospective jurors.

David Sell

“I served on a jury and, knowing the rules, I had no plans to speak to them,” he writes. Still, Sell was told to wait in the hall while his courtroom presence was discussed by the lawyers and judge.

“A few moments after that, the court officer waved me in and I sat in the mostly empty jury box to watch the proceedings.”

Sell adds:

For those curious, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Jan. 19, 2010, in a 7-2 opinion that denying public access to jury selection during a trial was a violation of the Sixth and First Amendments to the Constitution. …A link to the opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court website is here.

* Judge stops J&J attempt to bar Philadelphia Inquirer from courtroom (