posts full David Simon interview after he complains

On Thursday, posted a 21-minute video interview with David Simon, the former Baltimore Sun police reporter responsible for “The Wire” and “Treme.” (The video was trimmed from a one-hour and 20 minute conversation.)

This morning, Simon complained about the editing, saying it was done “by folks who found more favor in banter and quick reposite [sic] than in actually surrounding stuff. …I claim nothing sinister on the magazine’s part.”

The full interview has much fat that is deservedly cut down and the tangle of interjections by [Reason’s Nick] Gillespie and my own asides in response didn’t make for the most directed encounter. I am as guilty as anyone for some what resulted, and I can see why an editor was challenged. But lost in the edit that ensued is a good bit of connective tissue that could, at points, make portions of the exercise sensical, I think.

Reason has now posted the full interview. Gillespie and Epstein write: “We stand by our edits of the material not simply as standard journalistic practice (as Simon himself notes, ‘unedited interviews seldom are’ worth anyone’s time) but as fully conveying both the complexity and depth of his takes on the various topics we discussed.”

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