Afternoon Report: Forbes, the F-word and don’t-know-it-all professors

* Tim Worstall: Why I think NYT is going to go bust (

More links:
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* Parody memo has NYT approving publication of the F word used in the link above. (
* “The era of journalism professors having all the answers is over.” (
* Chicago Sun-Times loses Pulitzer-winning reporter Mark Konkel to Chicago. (
* Why Village Voice Media’s last-ditch effort to save itself will probably fail. (
* Print sex ads will remain in the newly formed Voice Media Group. (
* New York Observer ropes old talent (and new) into its bullpen. (
* Willie Geist to co-host third hour of “Today.” (
* The Atlantic seeks writers “willing to approach tasks with velocity and a high metabolism.” (
* CNN editor defends reporting based on slain ambassador’s journal. (
* Philip Anschutz, billionaire owner of The Oklahoman, wants readers to know what he thinks about President Obama. (