Village Voice Media owners sell their weeklies, but keep

Michael Lacey, 64, and Jim Larkin, 63, are selling Village Voice Media’s 13 alt-weeklies to a group of Voice employees for an undisclosed amount.

“It’s painful thinking about selling something you created with blood, sweat and tears, but it’s much less painful to sell it to your peers,” Lacey tells the Arizona Republic.

Lacey and Larkin will keep, the lucrative and controversial adult-ads site.

The Atlantic Wire’s Dashiell Bennett notes:

There have been numerous allegations that Backpage ads have been used by pimps to sell underage prostitutes and sex trafficking victims. The adult ads has been extremely lucrative — over $3 million a month according to Reuters — but their controversial nature has been an unwelcome “distraction” that threatened the existence of the newspapers themselves.

Scott Tobias, who is CEO of the new Denver-based company, Voice Media Group, had been Village Voice Media Holdings’ chief operating officer. Christine Brennan, longtime Voice Media executive managing editor, becomes executive editor.

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