Morning report

* New York Times Co. to sell its remaining interest in and record an after-tax gain of $100 million. (
* NYT union members to management: “The company‚Äôs demands are untenable and destructive.” (

* Globe and Mail disciplines columnist Margaret Wente over plagiarism accusations. (
* Wente: “I’m far from perfect. I make mistakes. But I’m not a serial plagiarist.” ( | (Editor’s memo)
* Joshua Benton: Atlantic’s new Quartz business news site feels 2012-born in several ways. (
* SB Nation relaunches and hires its first editorial director. (
* Here’s the full list of 2012 Online Journalism Award winners. (
* Baton Rouge Advocate launches its New Orleans edition. (AP via
* Newsprint is alive and well on the walls of a new exhibition at the National Gallery of Art. (
* Revamped Myspace looks “pretty,” but will anyone bother to check it out? (
* A blistering response to New York Times’ data centers story. (