Morning report: A fake Meat Loaf, boinking at the BBC, and more links

* Latest Pew report includes this tidbit: “Residents of smaller towns are the most likely to worry about what would happen if the local newspaper no longer existed.” (
* Des Moines Register explains why its story about a troubled teen “with so much promise” didn’t mention that the boy is an editorial writer’s son. (

Cover of the day

* BBC causes an uproar by reporting a political view of the queen. (
* Why BBC staffers can’t keep their hands off each other. (
* What happened at the Seattle Weekly? asks one of the founders. (
* Fox affiliate in Cleveland is duped by a phony Meat Loaf. (
* WSJ and NYT are waiting for WSJ. editor Deborah Needleman to make up her mind. (
* “The Boston Globe is not your problem in this race, Congressman. You are.” (
* Mathew Ingram: What a plagiarism epidemic says about the decline of print. (
* Muslim journalist at Daily Iowan writes FAQ about her face veil. (
* Philly papers assign #2 exec to deal with close-to-expiring union contracts. (
* “Wealthy people have reason to be wary of social media,” reports WSJ. (
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