Politico opinion editor Allison Silver jumps to Reuters

Allison Silver — Politico’s New York-based opinion editor since 2010 — has been named executive editor of opinion at Thomson Reuters. “Her big shoes are being filled — temporarily — by managing editor Bill Nichols on a fill-in basis while we ponder our long-term choices about opinion,” Politico editor-in-chief John Harris writes in his memo announcing Silver’s departure.

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From: John Harris
Sent: Mon 9/24/2012 8:05 PM
To: TP-Edit
Subject: Thanks, and congrats, to Allison Silver

As some of you already have heard, Allison Silver, who has been our opinion editor since early 2010, has accepted an offer to be executive editor of opinion at Reuters.

Tuesday is her last day in the newsroom.

Allison is a mysterious presence for some of you, since she lives in New York.

But all of us who have gotten to know her during her Rosslyn cameos, and through the much more sustained relationship she had with senior editors by phone and email, have an appreciation of what she has brought to our publication: keen intelligence, an original sensibility, and a fearsome work ethic.

Our readers have been the beneficiaries of all these traits. Tapping into an extensive network of writers, and pursuing her own eclectic interests, Allison put POLITICO in the middle of many Washington debates in a way that we had not been before, which is what she promised in our discussions upon her arrival three years ago. She always pushed for better display for her authors, and for better ways, such as specially commissioned artwork, to illustrate opinion pieces and draw the reader’s eye to them.

Allison was also instrumental in bringing outside columnist Jennifer Granholm, the former Michigan governor to our pages.

So please stop Tuesday to see Allison to thank her for her smart editing, dedication to the publication and friendship.

Her big shoes are being filled–temporarily–by managing editor Bill Nichols on a fill-in basis while we ponder our long-term choices about opinion.