Pew: Even TV news vulnerable in changing media landscape

Television news may be losing its hold on the next generation of news consumers, reports Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

Currently, 55% say they watched the news or a news program on television yesterday, little changed from recent years. But there are signs this may also change. Only about a third (34%) of those younger than 30 say they watched TV news yesterday; in 2006, nearly half of young people (49%) said they watched TV news the prior day.

Other findings:

* The overall share of Americans saying they regularly watch local TV news has slipped from 54% in 2006 to 48% today.
* Just 23% say they read a print newspaper yesterday, down only slightly since 2010 (26%), but off by about half since 2000 (47%).
* 17% say they got news on a mobile device yesterday.
* 19% saw news or news headlines on social networking sites yesterday, up from 9% two years ago.
* 13% use Twitter or read Twitter messages vs. 54% who use other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn.

* In changing news landscape, even TV news is vulnerable (