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In a memo that went out late Friday afternoon, Philadelphia Inquirer staffers were told that a readership study shows that “we need to dramatically bolster our coverage in the South Jersey and Pennsylvania suburbs, and Business news in order to better serve our print and online readers and expand our audience.”

Equally important, it is essential that every staffer use today’s digital and social media tools on a much larger scale. We simply need to become a much more versatile and mobile news operation at every level. This will require us to make some very difficult choices. As you might expect, this will involve significant reassignments for our reporting staff and a continuation of the expansion of responsibilities for not only our editors, reporters, photographers and editorial assistants, but those in the news production realm as well.

Reassignment discussions were to start today. (The paper has the right to reassign Guild journalists as long as they’re given two weeks notice and their pay isn’t affected.)

Read the memo after the jump.

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(Michael Benny is a Syracuse TV news anchor.)

The Syracuse Press Club’s reaction:

The Syracuse Press Club is disheartened to learn of the layoffs at the Syracuse Post-Standard Monday. Changes in the delivery of news are inevitable, but the Press Club is greatly disappointed with the decision to lay off journalists with roots here in Central New York. A daily newspaper, and the news people who produce that product, serves a vital role in our community. We wish all staff members at the Post-Standard the best during these changes.

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A 47-second video clip posted to YouTube last Wednesday shows U.S. freelance journalist Austin Tice being held by a group of armed and masked men. The 31-year-old Georgetown law student, who had been filing dispatches from Syria, has been missing since mid-August.

Hannah Allam writes:

Terrorism experts expressed skepticism about the video, saying the production quality, style and method of release don’t match videos typically posted by extremist groups such as al Qaida or its affiliates.

“There’s so much odd about it,” said Will McCants, a former government adviser on violent extremism and author of the Jihadica website. “There’s no production level, no title page, nothing to indicate it was an al Qaida group. This is just a raw clip of footage.”

Tice has been freelancing for several news outlets, including McClatchy and the Washington Post.

* Video emerges of U.S. journalist who disappeared in Syria (
* YouTube video shows Austin Tice alive after capture (

Penn State Daily Collegian editor-in-chief Casey McDermott says a Sept. 7 page one story on the Paterno Catholic Center opening contains fabricated quotes attributed to Joe Paterno’s widow.

Casey McDermott

“The staff member [who wrote the story] also confirmed that parts of the quotes as well as other facts included in the article were drawn from without attribution,” writes McDermott.

The Collegian is now in the process of reviewing the staff writer’s past work for any additional issues in the validity of quotes used or errors in attributing information gathered from outside sources.

The staff writer has been placed on suspension, pending completion of that review. Until the review is complete, additionally, an editor’s note will appear on each of the staff writer’s published articles online. The Sept. 7 article has been amended to remove the fabricated quotes and add attribution where it was missing, and an editor’s note also appears on that piece.

* Editor’s note: Addressing content issues | Here’s the story that included fabricated quotes (

On my Facebook post about Iranian news agency Fars mistaking an Onion piece for a legitimate Gallup Poll story, one of my friends wrote: “I miss Weekly World News.” I do too, so I went to and saw two political ads on the home page of the alien-loving tabloid: One for presidential candidate A. Zombie and another for congressional candidate Michele Bachmann.
* Bachmann on the move in her toughest race yet (


Huffington Post senior editor Craig Kanalley went public over the weekend with his I-can’t-find-a-girlfriend problem in a Facebook post that Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch called “the most honest thing I’ve read today.”

Kanalley told his Facebook friends and 131,268 subscribers that since moving to New York City in late 2009, he hasn’t had a serious relationship. “I’ve tried online dating sites, I’ve had some lunches/dinners/coffees, but nothing serious,” he wrote. “Nothing’s quite worked out.”

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just in the wrong place. I don’t want to be alone forever. And then I think maybe I’m not meant to live in New York City forever. …

What do folks make of my reflection? Any advice? I really would love to share in life with someone else, God-willing. I know I have a lot to offer someone else… and I really would love to chat, listen, laugh, have fun together, etc., and I’m willing to make sacrifices and compromises. Where do I start?

Nearly 500 people commented on Kanalley’s post. “Have you tried the young singles group at your church?” asked one woman. Another suggested: “Go grocery shopping on the way home between 4-7. Produce strikes the most conversations.”

One guy told the HuffPo editor: “Try not to be so nice and actually, try to be a tad selfish. Think of yourself and your job and you will be happy. When you’re happy by yourself is the only time you will be happy with another person.”

Kanalley answered some questions that I emailed him this morning.

Did you hesitate before putting it online, or are you a just-do-it! kind of guy?

I had to take a deep breath before I hit post, but not much hesitation. I don’t mind just putting myself out there and I’ve seen the Internet is a great place to hear different perspectives on just about any topic if you do so. Makes you think.

What kind of reaction did you expect it?

Of course, I knew negative comments, some nasty, would come about as the result of posting something like this publicly. That’s the trade-off. Still worth it in the end.

I especially got bombarded with comments when this guy [Tom Leykis] commented and many of his followers did too.

I’ve also done some social media experiments before, opening myself up and reminding people I’m a human being, not just a journalist, like this one where I gave out a phone number to reach me. And while there’s always some strange replies mixed in, there’s some really quality, interesting chats that can come about from that.

The best advice that’s come in?

These comments stood out to me:

Sara Abraham: Just listen to the MTA’s instructions “If you see something, say something” :)

Kree Cuthbert: If you’re interested in someone, pay her a compliment. Let it go from there. Go out on a limb. What do you have to lose? I told my bf I liked his beagle. ;)

Luis Garcia Craig: You dont need a relationship to validate your existance.

David Hoang: You are a great person and never underestimate the power of presence. Get out there and let people know that you can be a part of their life, whether it’s in a coffee shop, at the grocery store, whatever. Also, talk to EVERYBODY you encounter. You never know where that may lead.

And also these two stood out more I think because I know the people in real life:

Katrina Goldfried: I met, fell in love with and married my husband during my 7 years in NYC. If I can do it, you can. Just live your life, leave yourself open to new experiences and have faith the right person will come along. They will :)

Robert Quigley: It’s better to wait and find a good one than be in bad relationships. Don’t know if that’s any consolation, but it’s true.

How many women told you they want to meet you because of the post?

A handful of people reached out privately. A few women said they’d like to meet me but they don’t live in New York. A few others said they’d like to introduce me to someone they know. But that’s about it.

* “I’d like a girlfriend. …I don’t want to be alone forever” (

That observation comes from former San Antonio Express-News editor Robert Rivard, who adds that “the same newsrooms that produce such bulldog reporters are also stocked with journalists who are incredibly thin-skinned when their own work or motives are challenged.”

Rivard, who edited Hearst’s San Antonio paper for 14 years, says that “long before I left the Express-News there were those in the building who thought I was too close to some of this city’s leaders. People can think what they want to think. I’ve been around long enough to know the good guys from the bad.”

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