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Someone didn’t want this college newspaper (at right) to be distributed. All the copies were taken from the student union at the College at Brockport. (@casnegley) |

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* Report: News orgs have to pay $85 for their reporters to sit on a chair at tonight’s debate, and $175 to use wi-fi. (@dimitrijevic_66)
* Not many laughs at a cartoonists gathering in Wisconsin. (
* Here’s the personal injury lawyer who scolded the La Crosse news anchor for being overweight: (
* Fight’s on! It’s U-T San Diego vs. the Port of San Diego. (

The staff at the Adirondack Daily Enterprise thought it was odd that they were getting so many letters from people thanking the manager of the Hotel Saranac for letting them park in his lot for free.

“We were even getting letters from people we knew didn’t like him,” says Enterprise managing editor Peter Crowley, who also handles the letters section, “among other things.”

“We generally try to publish every letter we get,” so all of the thank-you notes have run in the 4,000-circulation, six-days-a-week paper.

While working this week on a story about a Craigslist ad for the hotel being pulled, Enterprise reporter Chris Knight found out what was going on: Hotel manager Sewa Arora was trading free parking for thank-you letters to the paper.

Arora admitted to the Enterprise Tuesday that he’s requiring people who ask to use his parking lot to send letters to the newspaper, thanking him for the favor. …

“I want that good deeds should be mentioned, but they’re not mentioning it, so I’m saying yes, you do that,” Arora said, of requiring users of his parking lot to submit thank-you letters. “I want people to know what we are doing for the community. They don’t appreciate it.”

I asked Crowley how many thank-you letters he’s published over the years. He initially estimated 10, then revised that to five and added, “One is running tomorrow.”

Yes, he says, he’ll keep publishing them.

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A letter to the New York Times has never before hit #1 on the paper’s Most Viewed list, letters editor Thomas Feyer tells Romenesko readers.

“I was amazed at how this went viral with all the tweets and Facebook posts,” he says over the phone. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Jerry Seinfeld’s piece “came to Op Ed and was sent to us” in the letters department, says Feyer. “We did some minor tinkering through a third party” — there was no contact with the comedian — “and it ran pretty much the way he wrote it.”

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Kansas City Star public editor Derek Donovan: “A caller this morning expressed his incredulity that The Star doesn’t normally print the name of Washingon’s NFL team: the Redskins. … I also agree very strongly with The Star’s longtime policy on this matter.”

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn: “A Nexis search turned up six uses of ‘Redskins’ in KC Star football stories in the past three months (compare to 13 uses in the Chicago Tribune).” (The Star’s search engine also brings up Redskins references.)

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* Star policy on Washington NFL team’s name (

Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston appeared on network morning talk shows Wednesday — a day after her response to a viewer who called her fat went viral.

Jennifer Livingston

“What has happened has been really inspiring, but overwhelming at the same time,” she told the “Today” show’s Savannah Guthrie. “I have never gone in the public and said I was a shining example of what your health should be. And I have never said girls should aspire to have a body like mine.”

She said on “CBS This Morning”:

I have always struggled with my weight…since my daughter was born 10 years ago…it has been a roller-coaster ride of weight gain and loss. If I could choose and snap my fingers to be a size that I don’t have to buy off the plus-size rack, that would be great. But I’m not ashamed of myself, I’m proud of who I am. Talk to me about the stories I cover, not the way I look.

Kenneth W. Krause, the viewer who complained about Livingston’s weight, released this statement after the anchor’s editorial aired:

Given this country’s present epidemic of obesity and the many truly horrible diseases related thereto, and considering Jennifer Livingston’s fortuitous position in the community, I hope she will finally take advantage of a rare and golden opportunity to influence the health and psychological well-being of Coulee Region children by transforming herself for all of her viewers to see over the next year, and, to that end, I would be absolutely pleased to offer Jennifer any advice or support she would be willing to accept.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel media writer Duane Dudek reports the YouTube video of Livingston’s remarks had over 1 million views, thanks in part to Ellen DeGeneres’ link to it. Dudek also notes that the La Crosse anchor’s brother is actor Ron Livingston, whose credits include “Swingers,” “Office Space,” “Sex and the City,” and voice work on “Family Guy.”

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October 2, 2012: “Carlson … called the journalists dismissing the story as old news ‘throne sniffers’…” (

May 24, 2012: “‘Chris Matthews, the original throne sniffer,’ joked Carlson.” (

October 17, 2004: Carlson to Jon Stewart: “You had John Kerry on your show and you sniff his throne…” (

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