Morning report

Jay Rosen: “The problem for PBS is not the imperative to remain impartial. It’s the assumption that impartiality is well served by the genteel style.” (
* Martha Raddatz faces charges of bias from conservatives, the way Gwen Ifill did in 2008. ( | (
* Variety’s paywall is coming down, says the new owner. (
* NYT’s Mark Oppenheimer: I don’t know if I’ve sold 10 copies or 10,000 copies of my self-published Dan Savage ebook. (
* Twins charged with the murder of a former Pensacola News Journal reporter; they apparently knew him through a comic book store. (
* Time Inc. is now working with McKinsey & Co., known for giving management justification to make cuts. (
* Margaret Sullivan looks into NYT Magazine columnist Andrew Goldman’s “unfortunate outburst” on Twitter. (
* An easy-going, twentysomething Tampa Tribune exec plans to focus on multimedia. (
* Robin Roberts goes home from the hospital. (
* Andrew Sullivan: “Yes, I am prone to drama, but have safeguards against it.” (
* Nick Denton’s website is a big fan of Nick Denton’s boyfriend’s play. (