[UPDATED] AP update mentions that Sgt. Donna Johnson is survived by a wife

The Associated Press story on the deaths of three North Carolina Army National Guard members reports that the two male victims were married, but fails to note that the woman killed in the Taliban suicide attack is survived by a wife, who also serves in the military.

Sgt. Donna Johnson

“I complained directly to Army Times and AP as of today neither wants to tackle the issue and that was a couple days ago,” writes one commenter on the Army Times site. (It ran the AP’s story.)

The Romenesko reader who sent links about this writes: “Whether one is supportive of LGBT issues/marriage or not, I think this is something that media outlets need to pay attention to in the service of accuracy.”

I’ve asked AP spokesman Paul Colford about the missing reference to Sgt. Donna Johnson’s wife.

UPDATE: Colford emails: “By Oct. 6 we had the following story, referring to Johnson’s ‘spouse, Tracy Dice.'”

He attached a copy of the updated AP story. It included these paragraphs:

Johnson was a former state prison guard and a military police officer and had worked in bomb training at Fort Bragg.

Her family said in a statement they want to remember Johnson “as a mission focused professional who gave her life serving her country and performing a job that she loved and excelled at.”

She “was a reserved and private person who had a close group of friends” and four dogs. She is survived by her spouse, Tracy Dice.