Harvard Voice apologizes for stereotypical portrayal of Asian students

The deleted passage from the Harvard Voice’s “5 People You’ll See at Pre-Interview Receptions”:

You can always spot the Asian contingent at every pre-interview reception. They dress in the same way (satin blouse with high waisted pencil skirt for girls, suits with skinny ties for boys), talk in the same sort-of gushy, sort-of whiny manner, and have the same concentrations and sky-high GPAs. They’re practically indistinguishable from one another, but it’s okay. Soon, they will be looking at the same Excel spreadsheets and spend their lunch talking about their meaningful morning conversations with the help desk of Bloomberg. Uniqueness is overrated when you make six-figure salaries

The apology:

Note from the Editors: We deeply apologize if this article has offended some of our readers. Though the article was written by an anonymous contributor, we have removed the inappropriate content because it is not in line with The Voice‘s mission of promoting satirical, yet inclusive, content.

In 2009, the Harvard Voice apologized for a blog post about actress Emma Watson’s visit to campus, but added that it “denies any efforts to orchestrate a mass mob of gawkers.”

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