Arizona Daily Wildcat fires cartoonist after publishing his homophobic strip

“This is quite possibly the worst cartoon or comic depiction I’ve seen within the student press, and I’ve covered this world daily for half a decade.”

– Dan Reimold,
The Arizona Daily Wildcat apologized Wednesday for a cartoon that it says “some readers felt was homophobic and inappropriate.” Today the University of Arizona newspaper’s editor says the staff is reviewing its editorial policies and has fired cartoonist D.C. Parsons. Kristina Bui adds that “his views do not represent the views of the Wildcat staff, nor does the Wildcat represent the views of the university.” (A petition on calls for editor Bui’s firing, too.)

Parsons has also apologized and insists “the comic was not intended to offend.”

It was based on an experience from my childhood. My father is a devout conservative from a previous generation, and I believe he was simply distraught from the fact that I had learned (from “The Simpsons”) what homosexuality was at such a young age.

I have always used humor as a coping mechanism, much like society does when addressing social taboos. I do not condone these things; I simply don’t ignore them. I do sincerely apologize and sympathize with anyone who may be offended by my comics (I am often similarly offended by “Ralph and Chuck”), but keep in mind it is only a joke, and what’s worse than a joke is a society that selectively ignores its problems.

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