Stanford Daily blasts UC-Berkeley’s Daily Cal for sports page critique

UC-Berkeley’s Daily Californian and the Stanford Daily worked together to put out a single special issue for last Saturday’s football game. (Stanford beat Cal, 21-3.) Daily Cal copy editors had fun critiquing the Stanford pages, then posting their edits, which you see on the right.

The Stanford paper “appears to lack an understanding of comma use and even, as suggested by myriad inconsistencies, its own style,” writes Daily Cal’s Alex Wolinsky. “Indeed, one must wonder whether the publication employs copy editors at all.” (The Daily Cal pointed out that Stanford “predicts that the final score will be 10-1 in favor of Stanford. How a team scores one point in a game of American football will remain a mystery.”)

The copy-editing exercise angered Stanford’s editor-in-chief Billy Gallagher. “I am responsible for every word in the newspaper,” he writes. “Yet the piece doesn’t mention me.”

Rather, it mocks our talented copy editors, whom I unfairly asked to copy edit six large newspapers during Stanford’s midterms week. … I am shocked that any person would find joy in mocking or attempting to shame them. This post was a low point in a storied history, making a fantastic Cal newspaper appear small and petty.

Sports editor down

On top of that, Stanford’s sports editor was hit in the head during the journalists’ flag football game, “limped slowly off the field and was likely concussed,” writes Gallagher. “Daily Cal alum Gerald Nicdao tweeted the picture of our sports editor, clearly injured, with the caption, ‘@MikeSilver this is what happens when you mess with the Daily Cal (DC over Stanford Daily 21-7).'”

Gallagher writes:

I’m all for the spirit of competition, but only when both sides respect each other.

I hope that our long history of working together can take precedence over pettiness in what should be a friendly rivalry.

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