Evening report

* How New York City hyper-locals covered the hurricane. (coneymedia.com)
* Why no mention of climate change in the hurricane reporting? (washingtonpost.com)
* Is tweeting fake news in a crisis illegal or just immoral? (gigaom.com)
* Meet @ComfortablySmug, Hurricane Sandy’s worst Twitter villain. (buzzfeed.com)
* Memo to Gawker Media staff from the boss: “If we’re the indestructible cockroaches of the media world, now’s the time to show it.” (observer.com)
* Michael Wolff: Arthur Sulzberger “always seems to lash himself to sinking ships … now he’s gotten himself on Jimmy Savile’s boat.” (guardian.co.uk)
* At least 21 newspapers that endorsed Obama in 2008 have endorsed Romney in 2012. (slate.com)
* Editor & Publisher names its EPPY award winners on YouTube and in a Word doc; how about just letting us read them on a webpage?
* Get ready for Uncool, a new kind of music journalism. (uncoolmag.tumblr.com)
* AP’s report on today’s “almost unchanged” circulation numbers. (usatoday.com)
* Advance Publications says its digital revenues are up 22% in 2012. (newsandtech.com)