We interrupt our hurricane coverage to deny that our meteorologist called a colleague a ‘moron’

The two meteorologists

This has to be one of the low points of local news broadcasting….

On Monday’s 6ABC (Philadelphia) 6 p.m. newscast, meteorologist Adam Joseph began his report without his microphone on. You can clearly hear the second meteorologist, Cecily Tynan, react to that by calling Joseph a “moron,” although she claims she said “more on.”

Viewers jumped on Twitter to report the name-calling, which prompted news anchor Jim Gardner to explain at the close of the newscast:

There comes a point where we have to sort of figure out how closely we should respond to what you folks have to say on social media — on Twitter, for instance — and maybe I shouldn’t even acknowledge this, but I think it’s important that the folks who thought that Cecily called Adam an untoward name when Adam was having trouble with his microphone. That’s not at all true.

I really shouldn’t even say the word — it begins with an M and ends with an N, and then there’s an O and an R and an O in there somewhere. What Cecily was saying was, Do you want mine on — my microphone on? And then Adam had the chance to fix his microphone before that even became an issue.

So if you thought that Cecily called Adam an untoward name, that’s not the case at all. We don’t do that here. We are a family. We love each other. [The anchor then turns to a colleague off camera and jokingly says] You’re acting like a moron!

The link below has audio of Tynan’s “moron” remark and anchor Gardner’s denial.

* 6ABC’s Cecily Tynan calls colleague Adam Joseph a ‘moron’ on the air (philly.com)