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Associated Press executive editor Kathleen Carroll notes that her journalists covering Hurricane Sandy “are covering a story that involves you and your families quite directly. Hundreds of AP folks lost power and many will be without it for days to come. Yet you’ve put the story first and been enormously creative in finding ways to contribute.”

Read her thank-you message and AP president Gary Pruitt’s memos after the jump.

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Rufus Friday: Favors Romney

The Lexington Herald-Leader on Sunday endorsed President Obama, saying that he “can be trusted to look out for all Americans.”

The paper’s publisher doesn’t agree. Rufus Friday tells readers that “Romney is better suited to address the shortage in jobs and related problems that plague the country and the world.”

Editorial page editor Vanessa Gallman tells Romenesko readers that there are five people on the McClatchy paper’s editorial board and that Friday “was the only supporter of Romney and did try to sway others.”

She writes in an email:

He did not threaten to veto the edit and did not demand rewrites.

Vanessa Gallman

The publisher, who came up through circulation, was not comfortable writing a dissenting column (which the last publisher once did on a local-government matter) yet he wanted his view reflected inside the endorsement. That seemed much too disconcerting for readers, so we agreed on the separate statement.

This has generated a lot less community reaction than I expected. A few readers have criticized the publisher for what they see as hubris, a few were thankful to know he is conservative, a few said the rest of the edit board should have followed his lead.

The Obama endorsement, she says, “was no surprise to our readers. Lexington, along with Louisville and a few mountain counties, were the only specks of blue in this red state in 2008.”

* Re-elect President Obama (
* Minority view: Choose Romney (

Chicago Tribune social media manager Amy Guth tweeted this today:

She’s referring to this Facebook message posted by someone posing as Tribune publisher Tony Hunter.

The fake Tony Hunter page was still up at last check. I’ve asked Guth for comment. | UPDATE: A day later, the page remains online with many commenters apparently believing they’re responding to the real publisher.

UPDATE II: “We put in the request w FB to take down the page yesterday,” the Tribune’s Guth emails on Thursday morning.

Two professors say New York Times execs failed to adequately explain the need for their paywall when it was launched — they simply said it would strengthen the company’s “journalistic mission” and allow “digital innovations — and that other papers should learn from that mistake and do a better job justifying their new charges.

“When [research] participants were provided with a compelling justification for the paywall — that The New York Times was likely to go bankrupt without it — their support and willingness to pay increased,” say Jonathan Cook of Columbia University and Shahzeen Attari of Indiana University. The two surveyed 954 Times readers before the paywall went up and 400 after it was launched. The professors’ report appears in the November issue of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.

* Study finds news consumers accept paywalls if they’re justified (

UPDATE: Cincinnati Enquirer sports columnist Paul Daugherty mentions his paper’s paywall today. “It’s crazy to believe that we can keep giving away something we pay people to produce,” he writes. “We should have started charging a decade ago. …We charge for the print product. Why is this any different?”

The Daily’s Daniel Libit wondered what “On Bullshit” author Harry Frankfurt had to say about President Obama indirectly calling Mitt Romney a “bullshitter.” The BS expert said he was tired of discussing the matter.

Just this morning I recorded an interview on the subject with somebody from the Canadian Broadcasting System, and that is surely enough for a while. As for Romney, the only question is whether he is a bullshitter or simply a liar. Probably, he is both.

* Harry Frankfurt’s tired of BS (

The Center for Media and Public Affairs’ (CMPA) latest study finds that late night TV talk-show comedians love joking about Mitt Romney, and that the GOP is the target of jokes more than twice as often as Democrats. From August 27 to October 3, 2012, the GOP presidential candidate was the target of 148 jokes in monologues delivered by Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson; there were 62 jokes about President Obama in that period.

CMPA notes: “The disparity was greatest on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman.’ Letterman told 44 jokes about Romney and 9 about Obama, a five to one margin.”

Read the full release after the jump.

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“The Press of Atlantic City published 24-page editions on Tuesday and Wednesday and delivered where we could,” executive editor Neill Borowski tells Romenesko readers. “On Tuesday, the power went out in the newsroom and in the printing plant. We moved the editors to the business office, which still had power, and published the paper on our laptops. An off-site company printed the Wednesday paper (we printed our own Monday night for Tuesday).

“I’ve attached a photo of our editors and reporters working in a business office conference room to get the paper out last night.” (

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* Oh, no! “Today” show cancels its Halloween celebration. (@jonathanwald)
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