Morning report

“The Press of Atlantic City published 24-page editions on Tuesday and Wednesday and delivered where we could,” executive editor Neill Borowski tells Romenesko readers. “On Tuesday, the power went out in the newsroom and in the printing plant. We moved the editors to the business office, which still had power, and published the paper on our laptops. An off-site company printed the Wednesday paper (we printed our own Monday night for Tuesday).

“I’ve attached a photo of our editors and reporters working in a business office conference room to get the paper out last night.” (

* Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on every type of news outlet, notes NYT. (
* Patch reports its highest traffic day ever with pageviews up 88% over the previous record-setting day. (
* WSJ notes that two of its reporters tweeted the false NYSE flooding report. (
* The New York publishing world slowly returns to normal. (
* The Gap is criticized for an insensitive tweet during the storm. (
* Superstorm Sandy? “Where are the AP style supercops when you need them?” asks an ex-editor. (
* Advance’s Reddit worth $240 million? (
* Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight “has set a new standard for horse race coverage.” (
* Chicago Sun-Times editor-in-chief would like to see his paper make endorsements again, but “I don’t think my bosses are there yet.” (
* Oh, no! “Today” show cancels its Halloween celebration. (@jonathanwald)
* Two Chicago radio stations are picking up Tavis Smiley’s show. (