Journalist comes out again — this time as a liberal

For years — in an attempt to be “an unbiased journalist” — “I said ‘no’ to petitions, kept campaign signs from darkening my windows, and by all means, I never—ever—went to a fundraiser. Those were the rules, written and unwritten, of journalism,” writes Janet Kornblum.

“The irony is that the only rule I broke was actually coming out. I joined the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association when it was founded and publicly stated I was a member. If anyone wanted to know who I was, I made it easy. Surprisingly, few people looked (or cared).”

* Coming out online: A journalist’s evolution ( | (@jkornblum)

AN ASIDE: My Google search on Kornblum found her 2007 USA Today piece headlined, “Web-savvy teens prefer the old landline phone.” I laughed — teens embracing landlines! Hilarious! — and wondered what a more current headline would say about that. I found this piece from March: “Teens prefer texting over phone calls, email.”