Morning Report: An editorial cartoonist hire; three Time covers; and more

* Jack Ohman, who resigned as Oregonian editorial cartoonist on Monday, is joining the Sacramento Bee. (

Time’s cover in the Northeast is on Sandy and the rest of the country gets split covers on the election.

* Sandy can’t stop The Week staff. “You paid your money; we owed you a magazine.” (
* THE BOARDWALK’S GONE!! (Oops, no it isn’t.) (
* NYT public editor: “It’s not in the job descriptions of reporters to make policy, but…” (
* A Romenesko reader writes: “Politico reinvents the ‘Franco is still dead’ story.” (
* Everyone knows the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is killing a 52-year-old magazine, but the paper’s publisher is still saying “no comment.” (
* Noted: Weather Channel meteorologists never seem to have wrinkled clothes. (
* The Onion wants you to vote for John Edwards for president. (

— From Washingtonian magazine

* High school journalism students’ final grades are based in part on ad sales. (
* Columbia University starts looking for a new journalism school dean.
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