Keith Olbermann takes shots at Bill O’Reilly, others in Larry King interview

Keith Olbermann did a two-part “Larry King Now” interview on Hulu this week. A few quotes:

KING: What would you do if you weren’t a broadcaster?
OLBERMANN: Probably a teacher, probably an English teacher. Early on I did dabble with the idea of becoming an actor, but the terror involved in some of that was overwhelming for me.

KING: There’s a recent piece, they tell me, on that describes you as aggressively job-shopping.
OLBERMANN: I have had a lot of good conversations with old friends in the media, in the business, but I would say that none of them are really worth talking about at this point. Nothing has that sort of imminence to it. But that’s about where it stands. As you can tell, I don’t seem to be in a particular hurry.

KING: None of my business, don’t you have financial need?
OLBERMANN: Not really. Who are we kidding? We work in a fairly well-paying environment. I didn’t spend all of it on baseball cards.

KING: How did you react to criticism? People would write, like the New York Post — they would have a field day with you — how did you take that? Emotionally?
OLBERMANN: You’d be lying if you said it didn’t get under their [sic] skin. But I knew every time that they wrote something it was because I had scored a direct hit, usually on Rupert Murdoch — directly. Or O’Reilly, or anybody else with an even more sensitive skin than mine.

And my feeling was, yes this hurts a little bit. It’s annoying, and when it spilled over to girlfriends, and friends, and relatives — then it got really personal. But otherwise, it was evidence that I had hit. You know, the old Muhammad Ali thing — you may hit me, but I’m going to give you a little more on the way out.

KING: What do you make of O’Reilly’s success as an author? The Kennedy book… the Lincoln book…
OLBERMANN: Well, you know, I could write a book about almost anything too if I didn’t have to worry about the facts. I could get three done by Tuesday of next week if you wanted me to.

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