Morning Report: Nate Silver thinks Margaret Sullivan is swell; Martha Stewart disappoints

* Nate Silver calls Margaret Sullivan a “terrific” public editor. (@fivethirtyeight) | Earlier: New York Times public editor calls Silver’s wager offer “a bad idea.” (
* Washington Post Co. reports sharply higher third-quarter earnings, thanks to its broadcast division. (
* Ex-Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham may have enjoyed some hashish with Truman Capote. (
* TV political ad revenue is up 68% over the 2008 election, reports Kagan. (
* All of Chuck Todd’s newspaper-reading — New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times — is done on the iPad. (
* There’s a very real possibility that Mark Thompson’s NYT days will be cut short by the diligence of his own staffers. (
* Keith J. Kelly hears tensions are flaring between Martha Stewart and her CEO. (
* Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia releases a disappointing third-quarter earnings report. (
* In recent weeks, Obama and Romney have both received more negative than positive coverage from the news media. (
* Upworthy’s mission is to share meaningful content and get other people to spread it. (
* Atlanta police investigate a bomb threat and extortion plot called in early Friday morning to the CNN Center. (