Patriot-News political writer discloses he’s voting for Romney

Letter to Romenesko

A journalist in his late 50s writes after reading Patriot-News political writer Robert Vickers’ disclosure that he’s voting for Mitt Romney:

Dear Jim,

Here’s proof that we have both outlived our time. This sort of thing was never done in years past. Given the amount of guessing people do already about the politics of the reporters who cover public policy, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. But I do know it’s a thing we’re not accustomed to in the news business of yore.

Possibly, this is the steady, generational shift created by 24/7 cable, the Internet and press secretaries-turned-journalists and anchors-turned-candidates.

Either way, it’s like ringing a bell. Even if you stop, everybody knows what it sounds like.

Robert Vickers

Vickers tells readers that “Americans should legitimately wonder whether Romney even knows what he believes in,” but “I can’t vote for President Obama, who was a first-term senator when he was elected president, because he has proved to be out of his depth wading into Washington’s shark-infested waters.”

The political reporter continues:

Romney has been deceptive and dishonest in his campaign, but he has been no less disappointing than the Washington neophyte in the White House who promised a bipartisan nirvana four years ago and failed to deliver.

At last check, there were nearly 100 comments on Vickers’ Romney endorsement, including this: “Whatever happened to the neutrality of reporters that preserves their credibility? I’m not surprised at Vickers’ perspective…he’s foreshadowed it for weeks, but I’m really shocked at the editorial staff decision to run it.”

Another commenter says:

“Robert we need to get you to a safe house right now. The Obamites will be after you soon. Don’t answer your front door unless we call. Walk with a limp and talk with an accent, that should throw them off.”

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