Afternoon report

* NPR’s ombudsman says “Morning Edition” host Steve Inskeep “went too far a handful of times during Sandy.” Inskeep responds: “In our many hours of serious coverage, I reserve the right to notice the absurd, even in an awful situation, and also to allow our correspondents to report what they see.” (
* Harvard Crimson poll has 77% of students favoring Obama. (
* “How They See Us”: Foreign journalists’ views of the U.S. presidential race. (
* The oldest jailhouse newspaper in America puts out an impressive “commemorative issue.” ( | The editor is a former Chicago Tribune marketing guy serving time for murder. (
* Ex-Huffington Post execs’ news video app goes live. (
* NYT is trying to make its apps “less of a formless container for print and web stories and more of a unique news experience,” reports Justin Ellis. (
* Romney campaign charges reporters for access to election night party; Obama has free and paid options. (
* Instagram is no longer just a smartphone app. (
* “70 is the new 68,” jokes 71-year-old Marv Albert. (
* Demand Media easily beats analysts’ expectations. (