George Takei gives proper credit to ‘best film synopsis’ author; now your turn, Jay Leno

Two weeks ago I wrote about unemployed journalist Rick Polito’s great “Wizard of Oz” synopsis from 1998 going viral — but with credit to another writer who has been dead for years. Over the weekend, Polito sent this email about his Oz description: “It made George Takei’s FB page yesterday and was getting 10,000 ‘likes’ an hour. Still with the wrong name. And still no call from Leno,” apologizing for giving the wrong credit at least twice. (The “Oz” clipping that’s most widely circulated cuts off after Lee Winfrey‘s name. A reader sent the image posted below — with Polito’s name.)

Takei changed the credit, though, after Polito protested and I posted a link to my Oct. 26 post in his comments section.

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