Morning report

* “If I were a would-be new media mogul, the one thing I’d want for Christmas is Current TV,” writes Michael Wolff. “For the likes of The Huffington Post, Vice, TMZ, The Daily Beast, Gawker, BuzzFeed, CollegeHumor, Deadline Hollywood and Business Insider, Current TV could finally be a way to real money. (

* “F-off!” is the new “no comment” in Washington. (
* The Savile case didn’t come up when NYT did a background check on new CEO Mark Thompson. (“He was clean.”) (
* Howard Kurtz notes that the media’s overwhelming consensus is that the president will win a second term. (
* Former Deseret News editor: “That we are within a few days of the very real possibility that Americans will elect an active, practicing Latter-day Saint as president of the United States is in itself astonishing to me.” (
* Does Google really need news media content? (No.) (
* Former Spin editor-in-chief Steve Kandell is named longform editor at BuzzFeed. (
* Republicans are favored more often by editorial boards. (
* Alex Pareene claims “fedora-sporting right-wing recluse” Matt Drudge is Politico editor John Harris’s dreamboat. (
* Noted: Mugshot publishers who ask for money to remove embarrassing information could be accused of extortion. (
* Mother of “Barefoot Bandit” claims journalist Bob Friel owes her up to $300,000 for interviews and her time; “ridiculous,” he says. (