Pittsburgh Post-Gazette endorses Obama, its owner backs Romney

The long letter that’s to the right of the Post-Gazette’s Obama endorsement in Sunday’s paper is written by Allan Block, chairman of the Post-Gazette’s parent company. He argues that Mitt Romney “can create a safe, strong, growing economy that benefits all Americans” and “can bring this country back.”

POST-GAZETTE EDITORIAL BOARD: “The choice is clear. Barack Obama wants to lead the country out of its morass and deserves the support of all Americans. His challenger is a man of shifting convictions, save for one core belief — that he should be president. In America that’s not enough, no matter the size of one’s checkbook.”
POST-GAZETTE CHAIRMAN ALLAN BLOCK: “Mitt Romney is a person who has the best chance of keeping the U.S. from exploding in another Wall Street/banking-system crisis and who has the best chance of handling the aftermath should another one hit. He should be elected president on Tuesday.”

UPDATE: Block’s piece also ran in his family’s Toledo Blade, which endorsed Obama. “Check out the comments” below Block’s letter, advises a Romenesko reader.

* Post-Gazette editorial: “Obama’s bringing America back” (post-gazette.com)
* Allan Block: “We need a financial president for a financial era”