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Donald Trump started dumping on Brian Williams earlier today after the NBC anchor told viewers that The Donald has “driven well past the last exit to relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible.”

I wondered: Who’s Trump been more critical of — Williams or Rosie O’Donnell?

Let’s go to the insults:

Brian Williams is… a “dummy” who was “never a smart guy.” He’s a ratings loser, too — probably because he’s “boring.” No, make that totally boring.”

Rosie O’Donnell is… “a pig and a degenerate” who happens to be “a bully,” too. On top of that, she’s “a total loser” who “just hasn’t got it.” That makes her “strictly third rate.”

The verdict: Trump needs to step it up with his BriWi barbs.

* Donald Trump laces into Brian Williams (

— Iowa City Press-Citizen

There was a lot of excellent election reporting last night (and campaign coverage throughout the year), but readers love to share the screw-ups that they find. The editor of Gannett’s Iowa City Press-Citizen editor wasn’t available to discuss this when I called, but a staffer confirms that “President-elect Mitt Romney” appeared on 12A of today’s paper. (Janelle Rettig tweeted the clip and Patrick Hogan forwarded it to me.)

The good news is that the Press-Citizen has President Obama as the winner on its front page.

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Lou Brancaccio, editor of The Columbian in Vancouver, WA, tells Romenesko readers: “I had a little fun with this column back in Feb. Increased the odds to 4-1 in an August column. Just sayin’. ….got a lot of grief back in Feb in phone calls. and so far [today] a few calls saying, “good call.” In Aug. when I upped the odds to 4-1 (when others said the race was closing) got even more grief!”

* How would you write day-after-election-story lead? (

Ithaca Journal news assistant Kitty Hall tells me that the Gannett paper went to press at 11 p.m. (Its usual deadline is 8 p.m.) “We kind of knew [Obama] was going to win then, but we need to be really, really lockdown certain before we print it.” The president was declared the winner about 20 minutes after presses started rolling, she says. (AP called Obama the winner at 11:38 p.m. ET.)

The UNDECIDED headline “is one of the unfortunate things of the newspaper business,” says Hall. A few readers called to complain, she tells me, but “some people don’t understand; they think we print the paper in the morning.”

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