Morning Report: Tough night for Fox News

* Alessandra Stanley: “Fox News was the channel to watch on this election night.” ( | Roger Ailes’ network had “the most bizarre on-air encounter of election night.” (
* The five stages of Fox News grief. (

* Fox News: Five ways the mainstream media tipped the scales in favor of Obama. (
* Dick Morris, who predicted a Romney landslide, explains what went wrong. (
* Nate Silver takes his bows after correctly calling the election. ( | WaPo checks out the fake Silver Twitter account. (
* Mark Cuban to Silver: “Way to stick to your guns and ignore the noise!” (@mcuban)
* How newspapers played Obama’s re-election on their front pages. (
* ABC News had a power outage just as the election was being decided. (AP via
* Did “tipsy” Diane Sawyer start celebrating early? (AP via | “Definitely probably drunk.” (
* Jay Rosen hands out his 2012 campaign coverage awards. (
* Politico had over 40 million page views on Tuesday. (

* Check out larger views of the Bloomberg Businessweek covers on the left. (
* The gubernatorial candidate backed by the Seattle Times with a controversial ad campaign refuses to concede. (
* News Corp. earnings get a boost from an asset sale, but the publishing division’s profit drops 48%. (
* WSJ: Cable operators are concerned consumers might be canceling their pay-TV services in favor of cheaper options, like online video. ( | Earlier: My break-up with Comcast. (
* Netflix now accounts for 33% of peak residential downstream traffic in North America. (