Morning report

Nate Silver (Photo: Eric Owles)

* Nate Silver wears a wizard’s hat at dinner. ( | 15 fun stats about numbers wizard Silver. (
* Voice Media Group settles “Best Of” trademark infringement lawsuit against Yelp. (
* Who’s the best pollster of 2012? That’s a tough call. (
* Conservative blogger Patterico tells his story of being SWAT-ed over his Anthony Weiner posts. (
* A new film criticizes the media for the way they depicted Joe Paterno. (
* Alex Jones speaks for newspapers: “We are paranoid, but we are not complacent.” (
* Reporting tips from Pulitzer Prize winners. (
* CNN’s Don Lemon “has been on a mission to blast Jonah Hill across multiple media platforms.” (
* A better explanation of why the NYT called the presidential election late. (
* Claim: Conservative media did the most harm to their own side. (
* Flooded out of its offices, Newsweek manages to put out this week’s print edition early. (
* Sean Hannity says he’s “evolved” and has changed his immigration reform position. (
* Student newspapers at University of North Alabama are stolen, apparently because of a frat story. (
* Boston Globe film critic Wesley Morris is on Ebony’s “Power 100” list. (
* GOP mailer rips off South Dakota newspaper’s nameplate. “The party should have known better than to do this.” (