Morning report

* Pulitzer-winner Sara Ganim quits the Patriot-News and joins CNN.

Sara Ganim

“I’m still going to work on the Sandusky story but I’m also ready to do other things,” she says. “It’s not the only story in the world and I don’t want to get to the point where this is the only thing I can do.” (
* St. Louis Post-Dispatch parent Lee Enterprises reports a $7.7 million loss in Q4. ( | Earlier: Lee gives its CEO another nice bonus. (
* Don’t tweet about our problems, BBC news chief tells staff. ( | BBC announces disciplinary action against news personnel. (
* “A remarkable 77% [of UK editors] said an undergraduate degree was not essential to be a journalist.” (
* No warm welcome for NYT Co. CEO Mark Thompson. (
* Esquire to make its print magazine interactive with the Netpage app. (
* Rahm Emanuel calls secret recording of Chicago Tribune reporter “much ado about nothing.” (
* Internet scammer Lorena has $2.8 million to give away, and an OC Register journalist is intrigued. (“We are a match made in Heaven!” he tells her.) (
* WaPo’s Vernon Loeb: I never took the Petraeus-Broadwell rumors seriously. (
* Bob Woodward: “Dinner next to Al Gore is, to be honest, taxing. In fact, it’s really unpleasant.” (
* MSNBC beats Fox News in primetime (25-54 demo) in the first three nights after the election. (
* “To me, ‘advocacy journalism’ is an unhappy meeting of two words,” says Chicago Public Media CEO Torey Malatia. (
* Conflict of interest? Daily Tar Heel opinion editor’s roommate is the student government vice president. (
* Noted (and safe travels!): “Elisabeth Bumiller contributed reporting while flying on the secretary of defense’s plane between Honolulu and Perth, Australia.” (