Afternoon report

* Reporters aren’t allowed in a school meeting, so they tweet what they hear from the next room. ( || A press association attorney says the closed meeting was illegal. (
* Variety lays off 12% of its staff and plans to cut its printing schedule. (
* New York Daily News loses three staffers, including veteran reporter and editor Tracy Connor. (
* Ex-Dick Clark Productions CEO Mark Shapiro is being considered for the top job at CNN. (
* NYT public editor Margaret Sullivan will be holding “office hours” on Twitter next week. (
* Warning: “Poop bandit” column “may contain content that germaphobes would be better off not reading.” (
* Village Voice’s new editor-in-chief, Will Bourne, is called “very cool” by Michael Musto. (
* New York Times ad staffers throw a party at Guy Fieri’s restaurant — right after the paper skewers it. (
* Eight social media changes since the 2008 election. (
* “Poynter’s tenure [as ESPN ombudsman] was largely a disappointment.” (
* BBC settles with politician wrongly implicated in a child sex abuse scandal. (AP via
* News & Messenger “didn’t deserve to be shut down after 143 years of public service.” (
* NPR listeners are told that Mark Thompson “left the BBC in a very, very strong position.” (