City editor, two reporters resign from Hudson Register-Star to protest colleague’s firing

Here’s an update on yesterday’s story about the Hudson (NY) Register-Star firing a reporter after he refused to allow his byline on a story: The city editor and two more reporters have left the paper. “It is not clear if they quit in protest over the firing of Tom Casey or if their resignations were requested as a consequence of ‘insubordination,‘” writes Carole Osterink. (UPDATE: Tom Casey confirms this morning that the three resigned to protest his firing.)

City editor Francesca Olsen and reporters Billy Shannon and Adam Shanks resigned on Wednesday, after Casey was dismissed in a dispute over two paragraphs that an editor inserted in his story. (They were about an alderman refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at a meeting.)

My messages for the publisher, executive editor and the paper’s HR director haven’t been returned. I spoke briefly with Casey — he was busy dealing with this week’s drama — and will be talking to him again this afternoon.

The Register-Star, which has a small news staff, quickly posted a help-wanted ad on after Casey was fired.

* City editor and two reporters leave the Register-Star (
* Hudson Register-Star reporter fired after refusing to allow byline on story (