What happened to Washington reporters from the 1970s?

I got a note this morning from the Brookings Institution about a book and video series on veteran Washington reporters that might be of interest to Romenesko readers. Here’s what the Brookings communications director sent:

Brookings scholar Steve Hess has a new book out – Whatever Happened to the Washington Reporters, 1978-2012 — [in which he] follows up with the 450 Washington reporters he first surveyed in 1978, locating 90 percent of these reporters and interviews 283 of them, producing the first comprehensive study of career patterns in American journalism.

Steve’s book is a data-driven, human interest look into the nation’s media elite. The book seeks to answer: What happened to the reporters within their organizations? Did they change jobs? Move from reporter to editor or producer? Jump from one type of medium to another—from print to TV? Did they remain in Washington or go somewhere else? Which ones left journalism? Why? Where did they go?

“To add fuller color to his findings, Steve created a video series from his numerous interviews with these journalists, some of whom became media luminaries, including Brit Hume, Nina Totenberg, Linda Greenhouse, Barry Sussman, and Kitty Kelley. The full video series can be found here with new videos posting weekly.

Watch interviews with:
* Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume
* NPR’s Nina Totenberg
* Washington Post’s Barry Sussman
* Author Kitty Kelley
* New York Times’ Linda Greenhouse
* NBC’s Bernard Kalb