How to tell when Charlie Pierce is bluffing on ‘Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!’

In an interview with Milwaukee’s public radio station on Friday, Esquire and Grantland writer Charlie Pierce discussed the election, blogging, Marquette basketball (he’s a 1975 MU grad) and his role on NPR’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!”.

From his 16-minute chat:

HOST: Anyone who has listened to you on “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me,” maybe it’s a not-so-well-kept secret anymore that you have a certain affection for Wisconsin in your tall tales during “Bluff the Listener.”

PIERCE: Yeah, people keep telling me they’ve caught on to it, and then they keep falling for it. Generally, if my bluff occurs in a small town in Wisconsin — and I’ve used all of them: Luck, Independence, Unity; I think I’ve used Oconomowc about six times just because I like to say Oconomowoc — generally it’s a fake. Although one time they gave the real one that actuallly took place in a small town in Wisconsin, and I didn’t win anyway.

So a little news tip for those of you out there who are betting — because I know we have a massive betting pool every week among “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” listeners about who’s got the real story — if mine takes place in a small town in Wisconsin, it’s generally a bluff.

* Charlie Pierce on campaign fact-checking, political blogging and his return to Wisconsin (