Evening report

* Clark Kent has been ethically challenged for years, says former columnist Connie Schultz, and now he’s “stomped out of the newsroom and trashed the industry that gave him cover. Rumor has it that he left the paper to blog. Bad idea, meet worst nightmare.” (npr.org) | (parade.com)
* DNAInfo Chicago goes live. The hyperlocal site is funded by billionaire entrepreneur Joe Ricketts. (capitalnewyork.com)
* ESPN refuses to acknowledge plagiarism in Lynn Hoppes’s archived stories. (deadspin.com)
* Tom Ricks’ Fox News segment is cut short after he calls the network a wing of the GOP. (washingtonpost.com)
* Why Aaron Kushner and others are investing in newspapers. (ajr.org)
* If you invested $100 in Canada’s Postmedia a year ago, you’d have $11 today. (@sladurantaye)
* Fund political cartoonist Bill Day for a year. (indiegogo.com) | (cagle.com)
* Vancouver Province fires its cartoonists (kriegercartoons.com) | (@dnmr1)
* Why Washington Post needs a paywall — and now! (cjr.org)
* Is the all-powerful magazine editor a thing of the past? (adweek.com)
* Even print journalists can reinvent themselves: a Deborah Blum update. (newspaperalum.com)
* Ten computers are stolen from Berkeley j-school. (mercurynews.com)
* Patch is apparently rethinking its focus. (patch.com)