Morning report

* News outlets fall for story about Andrew WK being appointed cultural ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain. (
* David Carr: For war correspondents, “the margin is razor thin between reporting on the death toll and becoming part of it.” (
* Has Rupert Murdoch gotten his “mojo” back, as NYT suggests? Michael Wolff is skeptical. (
* Dylan Byers’ list of 10 “breakout” political reporters of 2012. (
* Chicago Newspaper Guild urges Sun-Times staffers to boycott the paper’s holiday party. (Second item.) (
* Simon Dumenco’s gag: “SocialSocializing will re-revolutionize the social-media revolution in a revolutionary new fashion that re-engages consumer engagement engagingly.” (
* Hackers target the Las Vegas Sun and sister websites. (
* Campus police stop Georgia editor from distributing petitions and talking to students outside of the “free expression zone.” (
* Ex-editor: Stop me if you’ve read these lottery jackpot stories before. (
* Southern Living hopes to attract younger readers with Jenna Bush Hager as editor at large. (
* West Virginia Record editor accepts plea deal after being caught creating fake vehicle inspection and registration stickers. (