Wanted: A geezer with grammar skills

That’s just an excerpt from the Craigslist ad placed by a 79-year-old “geezer” who writes that “I simply do not have the amount of money it would require to hire accomplished qualified professional people (who understandably expect enough remuneration to make a living wage doing such work).” You’re likely to get the job if you live “reasonably near (hopefully within ten minutes or less driving time) the intersection of highways Interstate Highway 205 and Oregon Highway 224.”

* Editor needed…over 70 yrs. old (NOT an EMPLOYEE) (craigslist.org)

UPDATE: This Craigslist ad is swell, too: “I would like to write a book, but find myself without the time or expertise to write it.”

* Depressing Craiglist ad of the day: “Journalist wanted. No pay.”
* Ad seeks person willing to write up to 60 articles a week at .009 to .02 cents per word