Morning report

* An Outlaw in hiding (William Outlaw IV, actually) agrees to talk to an editor. “I wasn’t nervous about my own safety at all,” says Paul Bass. (
* Top BBC officials acknowledge “errors” in reporting scandals. (
* What they’re up to at New York Times’s R&D Lab. (
* AP now says “-phobia” should not be used “in political or social contexts,” including homophobia. (
* Washington Post Co. CEO Don Graham sells $6.7 million worth of Facebook shares. (
* NBC News to start paying its college interns. (
* A change in female anchors’ dress code: Blazers out, sleeveless sheath dresses in. (
* Howard Sherman on Pete Wells’s Guy’s review: “I stand with critics for their right to say what they think, but…” (
* How PRWeb helps deliver crap into Google and news sites. (
* People’s Daily congratulates Kim Jong Un on being named The Onion’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” (
* Suffering from information overload? Try changing your news platform. (