Evening report

* Jeff Zucker has lots of help retooling CNN. The suggestion box is overflowing. (nytimes.com) | But things are already looking up, the cable-newser says. (capitalnewyork.com)
* NYT assigns an editor to work with Jodi Rudoren on her social media skills. (gawker.com) | “You’re wrong in describing this as ‘punitive,'” says a Times spokesperson. (nymag.com)
* Do they even bother with casual Friday at Details magazine? (wsj.com)
* Study: 82% of all content sharing is done by cutting and pasting. (adweek.com)
* What was missing in the Sandy coverage: Useful lists, according to Jeff Jarvis. (buzzmachine.com)
* Ex-Newsday classical music writer Justin Davidson adjusts to a new pace at New York magazine. (newspaperalum.com)
* ESPN tells the SportsCenter crew not to credit SportsByBrooks for its scoop. (deadspin.com)
* Sorry, Chris Berman, but it’s doubtful you’ll get picked for the Hall of Fame this year. (shermanreport.com)
* Who killed progressive radio in Portland? (wweek.com)
* People’s Daily editor now realizes Onion’s “Sexiest Man” story was satire. (telegraph.co.uk)