Morning report

* One of the little-known facts about “local” TV news: In some instances it isn’t local at all — as “Conan” has shown several times with his clips. (
* John McIntyre: “Hey, AP, maybe you could ban ‘suspect.'” (
* “Justice League of New York journalism schools” releases a report on where news is headed. (
* Survey finds that the most any local news anchor made in 2012 was $850,000. (
* @NYTOnIt gains 6,000 followers, thanks to legal threat. (
* Jeff Zucker is expected to be named CNN president. ( | (
* Keith J. Kelly hears there may be a pink-slip flurry at Time Inc. in January. (
* Oprah to Letterman: “Well, you’re a white man, Dave. Of course, you had a different experience” growing up. ( | (photo gallery)
* Apple’s dominance of the tablet market is beginning to wane. (
* Philip Elmer-DeWitt on Kara Swisher: “Could a reporter be any more irritating and self-involved?” (@philiped)
* NYT’s David Brooks chats with the Princetonian, complains about students not respecting profs in the ’60s. (
* What happened to Boston alt-weekly The Phoenix? (
* In Pakistan, big perks and big risks to being a journalist. (
* Note to Your NSFW photo is still on your site. (Check “You may also like”) ( | Background story: (
* NBC claims “huge” ratings win for Brian Williams’ newscast last week. (