Morning report: Front page balls, Alec Baldwin’s beef, and oh-so-smart Nate Silver

Cute, NY Metro (Wednesday’s front page)

* Retired USA Today publisher Dave Hunke returns to Detroit as chief strategy officer of Digerati. (
* How to save the Providence Journal. (“In a state this small, saving the paper feels like an urgent task, even a personal one.”) (
* Battle lines drawn over old Miami Herald building. (
* It’s fun to watch Googlers not be the smartest guys in the room for a change; Nate Silver is (
* Want to be editor of NYC Woman Magazine? You’ll have to submit a resume — and be prepared to write a $25,000 check. (
* CNN finally announces that Jeff Zucker is its new president. (
* Washington Post’s Federal Diary column turns 80. (
* Oh, boy! “Project Runway” winner gets a photo in USA Today, along with an “editorial piece.” (
* Alec Baldwin — a Page Six regular — calls the New York Post “the worst newspaper in human history.” (@ABFalebaldwin)

Don’t we know!

— From The Franklin Times