Orlando Sentinel loses cartoonist, business columnist, others

I’m told that Orlando Sentinel editorial cartoonist Dana Summers and business columnist Greg Dawson have accepted buyouts, while golf writer Jeff Shain has been laid off. I hear that three other positions have been eliminated.

I’m working to get more information. Please let me know what you know.

At Tribune’s Baltimore Sun, four newsroom veterans have taken buyouts: tech­nol­ogy reporter Gus Sen­te­mentes; local news reporter Mary Gail Hare; sports reporter San­dra McKee; and long­time film critic/recent copy edi­tor Michael Sragow.

UPDATE — A tipster reports: “The Orlando Sentinel’s sister paper, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, also had layoffs.” Second tipster: “One position included religion editor. Sports columnist. Assistant. Online worker.”

UPDATE II: Greg Dawson confirms he took the buyout:

True. Retiring after 45 years in the business (5 newspapers in 6 states). Last day is Friday, last column runs Monday. I turn 63 in December. No specific plans beyond working on a book about – don’t laugh – the development of Crest toothpaste. Look, Mom, no job, er, cavities!

UPDATE III: “Among the Sun-Sentinel layoffs was religion reporter Jim Davis, who’s been there since 1973.” I got this auto-reply when I emailed him to confirm the news:

To all: I have left the Sun-Sentinel and am no longer replying to e-mails here. I have enjoyed working here and have been inspired, warmed and fulfilled in getting to know so many of you over nearly four decades. Together, I believe we have helped South Floridians understand religious issues and to aid their search for spiritual truth.

If you wish to keep in touch, you can write me at religionwriter@gmail.com. Thank you and bless you all.

* Report: Plain Dealer will have layoffs after January 31, 2013 (pdnowwhat.com)