Mandy Stadtmiller advises student journalists to exploit their youth

Mandy Stadtmiller’s Mandy Stadtmiller, a 1997 Medill grad, tells The Daily Northwestern that she advises journalism students “to not be afraid and to recognize the asset you have in your youth and your position as a college student.”

I got flown out to New York by Miramax to interview Gwyneth Paltrow, David Schwimmer and a ton of other stars in ‘96 just because I called and left a message. I called some movie company, looking to do an interview with some celebrity … and they were doing this junket and they called me and flew me out to New York.

She mentions that her 2006 New York Post feature about meeting Myspace users “was really huge” — Gawker called it “the story she was born to write” — and that it “was a really special article for me because I got more reactions from that article than many others.” (What about this memorable piece, Mandy?)

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