‘A lot of good people were given pink slips today’ at The Daily

Peter Ha

Peter Ha, who was tech editor at The Daily from its Feb. 2011, launch until last April, notes that the iPad publication “was run like a newspaper from the top down, which isn’t a terrible idea. It just needed to go back a few more decades to a time when newspapers published multiple editions in a day, for instance.”

He writes on Gizmodo:

Troll all you want about News Corp — 90% of which is going to be wrong anyway — but a lot of good people were given pink slips today and that’s unfortunate. I imagine it’s going to suck to have to publish for another 12 days. I’m pouring one out for you, homies.

What about Richard Johnson, who left Page Six in October 2010 to do gossip for The Daily? “I’ll now be working for the New York Post, and will again have some readers,” he tells Nikki Finke. “I’ll be in LA for at least several more months. I think it depends if I can be of value here.”

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