Evening report: The Daily fails, but it’s still a good time to be in journalism

* What Murdoch’s failure means for iPad publishing. (readwrite.com)
* The Daily didn’t fail; Murdoch gave up on it, says Jack Shafer. (reuters.com)
* “There’s no room in today’s market for publications like The Daily,” writes Marco Arment. (marco.org)
* Tech, too, killed The Daily. (buzzfeed.com)

Stories that aren’t about The Daily….
* Gawker Media aims to increase international revenues from 5% to 20% in the next five years. (Business Insider via sfgate.com)
* Ex-NYTer Stephen Kinzer: During Iraq war, “we let Washington set our agenda for us, which I hate.” (newspaperalum.com)
* “There has never been a better time to be in journalism,” writes Chris Seper. (linkedin.com)
* Cute post from The Onion: Family forced to drop print edition of their Christmas newsletter. (theonion.com)
* Former editor of The Onion writes a Thing X farewell column; readers aren’t sure what to make of it. (thingx.tv)
* CBS’s “The NFL Today” show disgraced itself on Sunday, says Richard Deitsch. (sportsillustrated.com)
* Bangor Daily News highlights — then removes — blogger’s inaccurate post about restaurant inspector. (pressherald.com)
* TV station capitalizes on Idaho Statesman’s new paywall. (emiliersaunders.com)
* US Presswire becomes USA Today Sports Images (prnewswire.com)
* Remember Ranger Rick magazine? Now there’s Rick Jr. for younger readers. (nytimes.com)
* Halifax decides it wants locals taking customer service calls. (goupstate.com)