Afternoon report

* Washington Post has canceled its tuition reimbursement program. “We realize that many of you have relied on this benefit to enhance your professional development,” says an email to staff. “With our current financial challenges, however, we must balance providing the most essential employee benefits with our urgent need to reduce costs.” (
* Former Tampa Tribune editor Duke Maas joins Pittsburgh Tribune-Review as deputy managing editor/sports. (
* Bob Costas will be on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” tonight. (
* Top chefs rate food critics and give Jonathan Gold the top score. (
* Gannett’s cash stockpile is nearly a quarter-billion dollars. (
* Jim Schachter: My mission is to bring a spirit of enterprising journalism to the WNYC newsroom. (
* kills thousands of book reviews without explaining why. (
* Jordan Kurzweil: What I would have done had I owned The Daily. (
* Couple who met in’s comment section name their baby Reason. (
* Les Moonves won’t be giving any advice to new CNN chief Jeff Zucker. (
* Noted: 32% of young people use social media in the bathroom. (